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The Job Description of a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is someone who assists anyone who specializes in the field of medicine. This can be in a GP practice or GP but also in a municipal health or a medical specialist in the hospital. Assisting is a broad concept. When we talk about the medical assistant job description, they need current training to medical assistance, but rather when one thinks of administrative assistance, the training of medical secretary appointed. In daily practice the tasks of both functions overlap each other.

The job description of a Medical assistant are: making appointments, triage, administration of the patient records, medical information to patients and several smaller operations such as give injections, ECG measurements, Doppler, cultures make ear syringing, wound care, suturing and suture removal, urinalysis, blood pressure control etc. under supervision of the physician. An experienced medical assistant may, after further study will progress to the role of a professional Medical Doctor.

The Medical assistant training is essential for clerical employees in health care, because you have the necessary knowledge and skills during the training teaches good control.

You may call yourself also as a Medical Secretary because in general, secretarial skills are to be mastered and you must also possess the knowledge of some specific aspects of working in healthcare.
It is also the Medical Assistant’s job to play as a driver who is capable to serve as assistant to the general practitioner for medical procedures and creates the driver during the emergency situation and they should position themselves to engage in direct patient care.


These are the given Medical Assistant Job Description that you must be aware of. This is not an easy job since you would also study and get into the medical field and industry yourself. It may take long years but as what it is due, the job is also very rewarding which you will definitely find it worthy to get involved.